I intend to start out with a precise question, “Why does this look good to me?”, and see where it takes me, usually but not always coming back to the influences and ideas I’ve laid out. I’m going to pick out a single image from The Sartorialist or another source, of men’s clothing that appeals to me, and I’m going to go through it item by item, applying my question at various scales. I’m going to try to find similar items in the catalogues on online retailers, and try to work out why particular garments appeal to me,  and how the overall work looks.

I’ll also try to look at the history of garments and details of garments over time, and try to pin down elements of clothing that I like, and that are not just trends. That is, I have no objection to trends, but I would prefer my clothing to not make me wince when I look back on it in twenty years time, and tending toward the timeless quality that Gibson deals with in Zero History seems to be a good way to start.

And I’ll provide a few posts about items of clothing I have that I like – or dislike – and think a bit more about why I have them and what they do for me. Much of this will circle around practicality and quality, which are often higher priorities for me than appearance. Almost none of it will approach brand, because brand is pretty wholly unimportant to me except as an indicator of quality.

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