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Denim: Research

I noted starting out that I think of denim as being an American fabric. Well, “denim” derives from “serge de Nîmes”, after Nîmes in France. And “jeans” comes from “Gênes”, the French for Genoa, in Italy. So not so much with the American. I haven’t been able to place any specific reason it’s seen as […]


The next piece of research I want to do is around denim, based on the shirt Carlos is wearing. In advance of that, I want to set down some thoughts about the fabric, before I start getting biased by what comes up in the research. Denim is a cotton-based fabric. It’s quite stiff, it’s usually […]

Starting Point: Carlos Castillo in Florence

My first starting point is going to be an image of a fellow called Carlos Castillo, depicted in Florence on The Sartorialist. Carlos has appeared on The Sartorialist a few times, and even a cursory glance shows some common elements of style there. However, I’m going to concentrate on that image in Florence. Here’s a […]