Starting Point: David Gandy in London

by Drew Shiel

My second starting point is an image (or a pair of images, even) of a fellow called David Gandy, appearing at the London Fashion Week Men’s Day.

David Gandy, for London Fashion Week Men's Day - urban scene

In this first shot, from the Facebook page, we can see him against a crowd. That’s a white shirt, probably in cotton, a rather narrow grey tie, grey tweed waistcoat and trousers (trousers in a different tweed?),  and a rather ordinary camel coat.

David Gandy, for London Fashion Week Men's Day, side angle with shoes.

The second image shows that he also has a tweed jacket under there – looks like it matches the waistcoat – and chestnut brown lace-up shoes. This image is from, of all places, Metro.

I didn’t cover shoes at all in the last set of research, since we can’t see Carlos’. So that’ll be an interesting line to start with. I’ll also be looking at tweed – again – and the issues of matching tweeds, or indeed, one part of a suit to another. The waistcoat will need a look, as a garment in and of itself, and I’ll take a run at the history and origins of the camel coat as well. And there’s more facial hair here as well, which is also a matter of style.

Plenty to get on with!